No other street artist has helped shape the cityscape of Austrias capital Vienna as much as BUSK.

Known for his outstanding, colourfull and big designs we are stoked to bring you this limited colab t-shirt.

The name BUSK relating to the English expression for performing music in the streets and the abbreviation CMOD for ‘city modification’ stand for the program carried out by the artist each and every day.


His instinctive and playful approach to the creation of manual and digital typography can be compared to the composition of music out of different voices, themes and variations, which finally build one complete and harmonious whole.

The complexity, size and elaboration of the motives are thereby depends on the particularsurface and the necessary speed when applying them.

To discover the either large-format or rather small typographical or pictorial puns one may have to step backward, come closer or direct one’s eyes upwards and into uncommon directions.