Clemens Schattschneider

Fun, Snow, Winter

My name is:  ZORAN alias clemens

I come from: The Jungle

I look like:  You guys know TARZAN ??

My zodiac sign is: A leaf

If i could be an animal i would be: Butterfly

When i m a grown up i want to be: I always wanted to be an astronout

What i like about me: That I can feel free in these interviews 😉

What i dont like about me: My extensive vocabulary UHHHH =(

My darkest secret is: I would never tell anybody my darkest one

Love means to me: <3

If i think about my family i think: Just LOVE

My favorite dish is: Mom’s kitchen

The things that are important in my life are: Family, friends, all kind of sports specially snowboarding

The question that others should ask me is: Can you show me the beautiful jungle someday??

The question that i m asking myself is: Who I really am?