Kurt Rubik

Motorrad, Street

My name is: Kurt Michael Rubik

I come from: Gangster City Vienna Austria

I ride for:  Remus exhausts , Love clothing , luckyfinish , willis reifen

Love means to me: Have the time of your life

Important things in my life are: My dog, my grandma … and everyone close to me

What i like others to know about me: I only wear black socks

My ideas to make the world a better place are:Ffree alcohol, free girls , free money, free gas

Friendship means to me: Having fun with the people I love

What makes me laugh: Stupid girls

What makes me sad: Bad weather

I ride because: I don’t know what to do with my life

When not riding you ll find me: Fixing my bike in my garage with my friends, hanging out and drinking beer

What i like about myself: My left big toe

What i dont like about myself: My right big toe

My darkest secret is: I can see dead people

If the world ends tomorrow, i would: Go out and have a great night

The question others should ask me: Why so serious !?

The question i ask myself: How long can it takes ?

In a fairytale i would be: I would wish that everone on the world have 3 wishes

Funny story in my life: Puh…everyday is a fun story in my life check it out on facebook

My message to the world:  Do , what you love to do !

Any last words: Thanks to everyone who helped me thru the good and the bad times !!!