Marc Swoboda

Fun, Snow, Winter

My name is: Marc Swoboda

I come from: Abrahams wurstkessel (lower austria)

I ride for: Joy!!! and nitro, volcom, redbull, love, vonzipper, bluetomato, absolutpark, celtek, landing, ema, bagjump

Love means to me: Respect & Happiness

Important things in my life are: Love, family, friends, music, movement, food

What i like others to know about me: The less people know about me the better… 🙂

My ideas to make the world a better place are: spread love to the person next to you

My favorite Joke is: …pretty dirty!

Friendship means to me: Honesty & Understanding

What makes me laugh: Josef Hader

What makes me sad: Newspapers & TV

I ride because: It is a damn good feeling!

When not riding you ll find me: Where the music plays!

What i like about myself: My music taste …haha

What i dont like about myself: When i am real drunk – oh my

My darkest secret is: Is almost black – so dark

If the world ends tomorrow, i would: LOOOVE

The question others should ask me: Are you serious?

The question i ask myself: Serious?

If a fairy offers me 3 wishes, i would wish: me healthy happy family

In a fairytale i would be: Goofy, because the truly happy is the fool! 🙂

Funny story in my life:Ii was the fattest baby all around… haha

My message to the world: Is not gonna be of any interest! everybody should speak to himself first!

Any last words: Thanks to everybody who helped me out …especially my uncle & girl!