Markus Keller

Fun, Snow, Winter

My name is: Markus

I come from : Bottighofen

I ride for: Myself

Love means to me: To live

Important things in my life are: Freedom

What i like others to know about me: They know more than enough

My ideas to make the world a better place are: Elimination of the useless and evil

My favorite joke is: on Loveolution 2

Friendship means to me: Honesty

What makes me laugh: Friends

What makes me sad: Ignorance

I ride because:  I dont wanna stand still

When not riding you will find me: Rolling

What i like about myself: I like to hang out with me

What i dont like about myself: If i hang out too long and get late again

My darkest secret is: Too dark to see

If the world ends tomorrow, i would: Send it today

The question others should ask me: Up to them…

The question i ask myself:But why has the rum gone?

If a fairy offers me 3 wished, i would wish: Waves in switzerland, health and peace on/ with earth

In a fairytale i would be: The dragon slayer, BECAUSE he gets the princess!

Funny story in my life: One night, i partied so hard, i don’t remember it anymore…

My message to the world:  Slow down, take it easy.

Any last words: LOVE is still the answer!