Matevz Pristavec

Fun, Snow, Winter

My name is: Matevz Pristavec

I come from : Bohinj, Slovenia

I ride for: Elan Snowboards, 686, 32/Etnies, Smith, Park Vogel

Love means to me: One of the basic elements of life.

Important things in my life are: boards and family.

What i like others to know about me: I love sushi.

My ideas to make the world a better place are: Equality

My favorite Joke is: Bear is chasing a guy form Beech Valley (where I am from), he climbs on the Beech tree. The tree hugs him and says to the poor guy: “Daddy is only kidding!”…

Friendship means to me: Giving and receiving when in need.

What makes me laugh: My girl Urska.

What makes me sad: Politicians.

I ride because: I LOVE it!

When not riding you ll find me: Surfing.

What i like about myself: Dedication.

What i dont like about myself: Being late.

My darkest secret is: A secret.

If the world ends tomorrow, i would: Spend the time with my love.

The question others should ask me: Would you like to join us on a Indo Boat Trip.

The question i ask myself: What will I eat for lunch.

In a fairytale i would be: A king because then I would still be with my queen.

Funny story in my life: Fell in freezing lake for my birthday.

My message to the world:  Give your best.

Any last words: Love.