Philipp Kundratitz

Fun, Snow, Winter

My name is: Philipp Kundratitz

I come from: Innsbruck

JI got drivers license : Yes

I look like: Some people tell me I look like Tom Cruise haha!

My zodiac sign is: Scorpion

If i could be an animal i would be: Hmm maybe a bird

When i m grown up i want to be: Happy and successful

What i like about me: I pass easily school even though I´m not there so many times

What i dont like about me: I don´t know how to “jodel”

JMy darkest secret is: Not a secret if I tell you

Love means to me: I don´t really know yet

If i think about my family i think: That they are awesome

My favorite dish is: Schwarzwälderkirschtorte

The things that are important in my life are: Snowboarding, Friends, Family. Having fun

The question that others should ask me is: Whatever they want to know about me

The question that i m asking myself is: What my future is going to be like