Seppi Scholler

Fun, Snow, Winter

My name is:  Seppi Scholler

I come from: Born in St. Pölten, and i m coming from Vienna. HUII, I LIKE VIENNA

I look like: still a fifteen year old boy..

My zodiac sign is:  Virgo

If i could be an animal i would be:  A monkey cause they are fun, or a hippo, or a penguin or a lion…

When i m a grown up i want to be:  I think i never want to be “really” grown up….so i think i just want to be a mature kid in a grown up body.

What i like about myself:  I think i m very helpfull. I like a lot of different stuff. I also try to be positive and happy and nice to people.

What i dont like about myself:  That i m ALWAYS late. That i m a bit sloppy sometimes. Sometimes i can be unpatient and quite grumpy

My darkest secret is: : I think i m to “normal” to have such thing … haha

Love means to me: A LOT… I cant all write it down here, but the shortversion would be: it s the strongest thing, there is!

If i think about my family, i think: Way to much to write it all down here.

Individuality means to me: To do what i like , and having my own personality and not doing what others think is “trendy”…

My favorite dish is: Falaffel, and also olives … hihi I also REALLY like candy!

The things that are important in my life are: Beeing happy and healthy! and doing what i like with the people i like.

The question others should ask me: what are you searching?

The question i ask myself: what i m i searching?