Stefan Wimmer

Fun, Summer, Water

My name is:  Stefan Wimmer

I come from: Amstetten (Lower Austria)

I look like: The younger version of Sylvester Stallone

My zodiac sign is: Taurus

If i could be an animal i would be: A water strider

When i m grown up i want to be: A motivation for others to do sports

What i like about me: I am living on the happy side of life

What i dont like about me: I can’t say no

My darkest secret is: I am Bigfoot

Love means to me: Family

If i think about my family i think: “What a lovely bunch of people!”

The things that are important in my life are: Doing SPORTS and of course my family  & friends

The question that others should ask me is: Can you walk on water?

The question that i m asking myself is: How far can I push it?